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Interior Makeover

New interpretation of your interior without breaking any wall

Transform your interior without breaking any wall nor the bank by simply reorganising your furniture and decoration. Our decorators and interior designers have been helping you style your interior in Nantes and surroundings since 2006.

Benefits of an Interior Makeover

Working on a decor makeover with a decorator or interior designer can help you:

  • Give a fresh look to an apartment or house in Nantes you have been living in for a long time
  • Reorganise your current furniture and decoration in a brand new decor
  • Renovate without starting any important works in your house or apartment in Nantes
  • Get functional and styling advice for your interior

Home improvement can bring a brand new style to your home without resorting to costly and lengthy construction works. Get a new home decor by simply rearranging your furniture and reorganising your interior. Through simple steps, relying on the experience of a decorator, your space will become more comfortable, stylish and practical.

Main objectives of an interior makeover & decoration coaching mission:

  • Give some character to your home and make it comfortable.
  • Mix and match your items for a coherent style.
  • Find the perfect spot for each furniture and decoration item and make your home functional and stylish.
  • Rethink each room to match your lifestyle.

Home Makeover Gift Box

You can purchase Interior Decoration services (interior designer, architect, decorator or landscaper) as a gift box. It's simple: contact us to book your offer and the beneficiary will have to arrange an appointment with us.

> Contact us to order a gift box

Home Makeover Gift Box

Getting home makeover services in Nantes

An interior makeover or decoration coaching is a punctual service that does not involve any deliverables such as design material or specifications (sketch or trend board).

Step 1: Meeting your decorator

  • You meet your decorator at your home for a full checkup of your interior from a decoration standpoint. The decorator helps you understand the potential for improvement in your accommodation in Nantes and surroundings.
  • The decorator collects your prerequisites such as main objectives or personal taste.
  • Based on their knowledge and experience, decorators and interior designers can tell you on the spot how to rearrange furniture and what to keep or remove in order to make your space more practical and stylish.
  • As needed, the rearrangement work can be done as soon as this first meeting, based on your existing furniture and decoration items.
  • The decoration can also suggest new items that would ideally match and complement the layout.

Living room with second hand furniture

Step 2: Decoration shopping

  • Following your 1st appointment, you can choose to continue with decoration and furniture shopping services.
  • As needed, the decorator or interior designer helps you select decoration shops in Nantes and surroundings based on your taste, needs and budget.
  • You might even get** business discounts** on selected shops.
  • They will recommend furniture and decorative items that will match your existing ones, with a goal to make your interior even more stylish and comfortable.

Step 3: Final decor set up

  • Upon delivery of your new furniture and decorative items, the interior decorator will meet with you at your home to proceed with the final interior staging.
  • This step covers adding new items in your home, as you will already have rearranged the existing layout with your decoration at previous steps.
  • New furniture and decorative items (lamps, mirrors, etc.) are matched with the existing ones in the most coherent way.

Interior makeover - BtoB services

Interior decorators can respond to your needs as a professional by helping you rethink your shop, office, restaurant, hotel or any other commercial surface open to the public or employees.

> Learn more about commercial decoration projects

Makeover of a dining room with vintage furniture and designer pendant light

Interior makeover / decoration coaching fees (VAT excl.)

Step 1 (Meeting your decorator)

80 € / hour

Step 2 (Decoration shopping) and/or Step 3 (Final decor set up)

1/2 day
Full day


Additional step: If your project goes beyond rearranging or leveraging your existing furniture, our interior designerw can provide material such as mood boards, wall/floor colours, furniture layout plans, etc. to help you picture potential changes involving light renovation works.

> Learn more about decoration fees

Our Interior Makeover service is available in Nantes and surrounding municipalities such as Rezé, Vertou, Carquefou, La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, Orvault, Couëron, Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc, Sucé-sur-Erdre. We also operate in other parts of Loire-Atlantique (44): Saint-Nazaire, Guérande, La Baule, Pornichet, Le Pouliguen, Mesquer, Quimiac, Pornic, Noirmoutier (non-exhaustive list).
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